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Options de services

Soutien Technique

Options de services

  • Service contracts
  • Maintenance and inspections
  • Repair
  • Revision
  • Modification
  • Production control box
  • Repair control box
  • Gear systems
  • Repair gear units
  • Mounting
  • Telephone helpdesk
  • Testing
  • Programming ( frequency drive/ PLC)
  • Les Pièces

Executed projects

  • Project approach major maintenance of various horse threadmilss brands
  • Revision complete drive horse walker (Mounted Police, Dienst Levende Have in Nunspeet, the Netherlands)
  • Mounting main ball bearing horse walker with a diameter of 43 meters (Stall Schockemöhle, Germany)
  • Revision complete drive horse walkers ( Ludger Beerbaum Stables, Germany)
  • Drive and control electronics modification high-speed treadmill (University of Wageningen, the Netherlands)

Service contracts

Various service contracts are possible with EQUITEC, depending on the brand of the training equipment in combination with the dimensions.

The service contracts guarantee that preventive maintenance is performed on your horse walker yearly and that its reliable and safe operation is tested. The work is described in a technical checklist.

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