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Automatic Lubrication System

Every horse walker has a ball bearing on which the construction rotates. The ball bearing must be lubricated manually every month, in practice this is often forgotten. Lubrication frequency depends on the size and number of hours of operation of the horse walker.

With a professional lubrication system, the ball bearing is lubricated automatically. Controlled by a programmed motor drive that empties the greasing refill with grease in the ball bearing within a year, specially developed to prevent ‘dry running’ of the bearing and consequential damage. The greasing refill and the battery pack must be replaced annually.

This automatic lubrication system is reliable and has been used for many years on many machines.

Horse walker greasing refill automatic lubrication system

We can send you the greasing refill including battery pack. You will receive the invoice upon order.
After your payment is added to our bank account, we will send your order as soon as possible.
Without notice to the contrary, we will remind you next year to replace the greasing refill for the automatic lubrication system.

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