• Drive gear
  • Electric motors
  • V-belts / Pulley / Clamping bush
  • Break coupling
  • Chain / Gear wheel
  • Drive tire
  • Safety cover gear
  • Ball bearing
  • Automatic lubrication system

V-Belt System

The drive exists of V-belts that are driven by a pulley placed on the motor.

With average use, the V-belts are long lasting.

Lubrication Grease system

The ball bearing must be lubricated manually, this is often forgotten. Many customers use the lubrication system.

The professional lubrication system automatically lubricates your ball bearing and has been specially developed to prevent “dry running” of the bearings. The greasing refill and battery must be replaced every year.

This automatic lubrication system is reliable and has been used on many horse walkers for years.