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Pferde Führanlage

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Pferde Führanlage

Part of the basic training can be done with the help of training equipment.

A horse training mill provides a solution for safely and versatilely training your horses. This can make the training more efficient, leaving more time for individual training. Horses have a natural need for movement and social interaction. Depending on the type of mill, you can provide movement for multiple horses at the same time.

A horse training mill is a good way to keep your horses healthy and fit. The mill ensures that the horses move regularly, which is important for their endurance, circulation, bones, muscles, and tendons. The drive gates can be provided with electric shock. It teaches the horses to respect the drive gates.

With the control panel, you can set the speed, duration, and direction of the run.


The safety of horse and human is central. Depending on the behavior of your horses and the purpose of the training, you will have to make conscious choices, such as walking and trotting speed, duration of the horses walking left and right and (computer) ease of operation.

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